The effect of these substances is directed to the genital tract and the central nervous system. It is based on the use of adapogenic substances that dampen the negative effect of stress factors and the overall course of general adaptation syndrome; the course of stress has a significant effect on libido. Some of the substances increase libido by various effects: androgenic, improvement in gonadal metabolism, interference with blood circulation (by promoting the formation of nitric oxide, which has certain vasodilatory properties) and antioxidant action, manifesting at the same time at the level of the brain and improving its metabolism.

In the presence of saponins, a beneficial libido-stimulating effect has been observed, lignans have a favorable hemorheological effect and improve the metabolism of the organism, which usually results in a well-being.
This effect affects some vitamins, there is antioxidant and repairing effect on germinal tissue epithelium; Zinc and selenium contribute to this effect, which are known to have a very positive effect on prostate tests.
The complex of substances present contains a component, increasing the absorption and usability of plant and vitamin substances, which also act aphrodisiacally.